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And Monk Bears...…. not sure of the connection between Monks & Bears mind you
Are you sure it wasn't bare monks?
OTC type, Brecon, CFT, Sealskinz socks, lesson learned...

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Ouch. I've had something similar happen to me, in normal military issue socks. And having ran a few ultras and living with quite an accomplished ultra runner, and regularly photographing ultra events for payment, I'm honestly non-the-wiser why some people have foot problems and some don't.

I remember running a 17 mile fell race and getting blisters but I wore exactly the same socks and fell shoes on another race and didn't have a problem.

Heat makes a huge difference; hot weather makes people more prone to blister problems. The wet doesn't seem to help either. Weight (body and pack) will also be variables.

I've also heard that once you 'tear your feet up' you're more prone to future problems with blisters/friction problems (heard from an ex RE who is an extremely accomplished ultra/mountain runner).

I should probably start a post on the subject because it's something I'd like to learn how to prevent and treat for Wor Lass; she's now planning to run a 250 mile - non stop - road ultra marathon that has very little support and no outside support allowed; so a real toughie.
Booked Smudge in to have his nads removed. Shame really, they're quite a decent set for a cat I think.

IMG_1623 by Whey-Aye-Banzai, on Flickr

Hopefully it'l calm him down; he's still vicious with me, though great with females.

Wor Lass says all he does is eat, sleep and 'hump the bed'.

I think it's funny, but she reckons he stares at her while he's humping.




Tree is up.



Nice day for boating. Trip up Dubai Creek and round The World Islands. Dhow wrecked on the World Breakwater, Police RHIB protecting power boat racers. Boat washed and all gear stowed. Thirsty work, may need to re-hydrate in Fibber McGee's...

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Cambrai 100, November 2017. The wife and I went over for this, the Regt were brilliant! They looked after a couple of thousand Veterans fantastically. View attachment 435125View attachment 435126View attachment 435127View attachment 435128
it is sobering when you walk around the graves, and see how m,any medics and doctors died, mostly R.N. and then in comparison the names of the missing, it is not easy to comprehend, one of my Grandfathers was in the Labour Corps, in at the beginning and then injured a few times, such a wide variety of Society
What , you never told him about the 1980 polyester sock , in the DMS with cardboard inner.

And the facing cheese grater plastic under liner.



Gloucester Cathedral
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Not sure which version I prefer - Gloucester Cathedral this AM

Gloucester Cathedral1a.jpg

Gloucester Cathedral2.jpg


Cocking around with Luminar 4


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