Arrsers self taken photo collection.

You should get larger running shoes than your normal shoe size; so if you normally wear a 10, go for a 10.5 or an 11.

Because feet do swell after a period of running.

If your running form is decent, your feet shouldn't move about in the shoe too much when they're in the normal pre-swollen state.

This is standard running advice, so I'll not charge you for it.
I haven't run since, I'm easing into retirement! :D
You are a brave man, you had better hope she doesn’t join arrse. Or that the wifey tells her to have a look.
She won't join Arse; she's some kind of legal secretary. Her boyfriend is a public school educated political journo; he must be fairly wealthy given that he does ultra marathons all over the world and he owns a house in Surrey.

What is she going to be joining Arse for?

Besides, she's only 44 kg. I reckon I could beat her in a fist fight.
Created a full google album of the King Offa's Dyke Race (185 miles - non-stop (i.e. not a staged multi day event)):

I recognise the photo towards the end, you can see Rhyl's sky tower, that must have been towards the end of Offa's Dyke on the way to Prestatyn

Joshua Slocum

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We stayed in a really nice old place up in the mountains
lots of cock !!!

and two really nice dogs, one of which won number 350 in the worlds ugliest dog competition !

Joshua Slocum

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Carlo Guzzi and a friend cycled 200 Kilometres to Verona to see Buffalo Bills wild west circus
this is his origional program and revolver he purchased
Bill Cody was a Showman and entrepreneur long before any one else

imagine your kids coming back from the circus with a working loaded revolver ??
I bet he made a few bucks shifting these on
Annie Oakley made her name in this travelling circus
any one tell me what the gat is ?

I took the pic but Google intercloudnet decided to mess with it and produced this. Looks quite atmospheric I thought.
A beachfront seafood restaurant in Alykes earlier this year.

Hearse on display at local car show 14 Sep 2019. Based on a mid 1990s Cadillac chassis. At least the owner was tasteful about decorating his vehicle and didn't try to turn it into a Ghostbusters clone/clown car.Caskets are frowned upon in the back at Professional Car Society judged events.

Old Car 1.jpg
Old Car 2.jpg
Old Car 3.jpg

Sunrise over building site for some new Hospital buildings yesterday.

On my way to work just before sunrise at the back of t'gasworks.


I haven't seen a damson in aeons...had a tree in the garden when I was about 4....damson jam...distant memory too...
Way back in the olden days we got Damson jam in tubes in compo. 'Fond' memories of sitting round various bits of Catterick in the dark at cold o'clock, wondering wtf am I doing here, with a tube of it sticking out my mouth, waiting for a brew from a hexi stove. Long time ago, faraway place...
I wished I had a proper camera when I took this, but even with my phone I think it turned out ok.
Sunset Carr Mill dam.

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