Arrsers self taken photo collection.


Hail, Caesar, Emperor Nerva statue, Gloucester

Hail, Caesar -Gloucester (1) (Custom).jpg

Hail, Caesar -Gloucester (2) (Custom).jpg

Hail, Caesar -Gloucester (3) (Custom).jpg

Hail, Caesar -Gloucester (4) (Custom).jpg

Hail, Caesar -Gloucester (5) (Custom).jpg

Hail, Caesar -Gloucester (Custom).jpg
One of our guns is a member of the family that own Badger beer. I had to tell him gently that I preferred Harvey's and he actually raved about my home brewed porter
Thing is about brewers and making beer: they are curious, can’t help sticking their neb in and will praise another brewers’ efforts.
Never mind their own outputs. Real brewers love beer and brewing. It’s just that so many in recent years have found themselves in possession of very nice real estate.
My first Kelly kettle cuppa this afternoon whilst waiting for the bbq to warm up. Lit it with a twist of lit paper fuelled with a handful of dry bark. Cheers @clayp1g For the buckshee. 40 ish seconds from cold to brew!
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Kelly kettle. That minging thing in there could be my Mrs cup oftea.
Purchased from where.
Half four this afternoon
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It's been building up all week. So much work to do tomorrow and it's going to be hotter.
My typing did not come out at all well. Sorry about that.
@daz ....


... Hail the Greggus Pistrinum .
Used to be Flowers and King and Barnes as well both now long gone, grew up with Harvey's


I used to like fremlins, ordering a pint of elephant when in Chatham

Just experimenting with a Post Image Windows App chaps

104,000 miles Mx5 Engine bay.

Right, I'll bugger off and find stuff that's nicer.
SWMBO's recent full metal jacket restoration.

Scrappy Visit

My Roadster about 6 years back.

Then it fell apart, then it got restored as well.



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