Arrsers self taken photo collection.


Did you mean to post that in the vinyl group?


Been getting loads of stuff, Roger Whittaker, Alan price, remember some one was collecting kids vinyl,ie Disney sound tracks,boat load in local shop
That was probably me, I've loads of kids stuff from my younger days, all the Pinky and Perky albums, Basil Brush, Disney stuff etc.
Hum! New choice for wireless for my laptop today. I wonder how long that has been there outside my gaff?:?

Worrying Internet Selections.PNG
To test if it's secure, have a look at your bank account vie Wi-Fi
I think not, Sir. My mammy didn't raise no fool. :-D:cool:

Howland Owl.PNG

A bit of foraging this evening. I feel a BlackBerry and Apple Crumble coming on!

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