Arrsers self taken photo collection.

I need to go and have a look at the abattoir sometime soon, I will ask then, and also about steers heads. Apologies for not doing so sooner, I hadn't forgotten just been a bit hectic, sorry.
No worries Mukker, TBH I'd forgotten it was you I'd asked about the steers skull.


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@Kirkz Is your gaff like this? It's how I imagine it:
Bempton Cliff RSPB last week,fantastic site,unfortunately got caught in torrential rain and camera gave up the ghost.Copied this across from my wife's stuff.too good to miss,couple of Gannets in close formation.
2019-06-14 035 (1).jpg
A job that I had to check out today. I've seen some brutally bad bricklaying in my day, but this really takes the biscuit. This is a brand-new build that's only a week old, but fcuk me, this whole thing has to be torn down and rebuilt. I've seen better work from a day-one apprentice.

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