Arrsers self taken photo collection.


Great British Summer my arse!
I was putting the bedding plants in at my Mum's over in Ennerdale this afternoon - 'twas bloody Baltic!
I’m heading up that way soon, following retirement. I’ll PM you.
Jessie. Spent an hour cleaning mine out today ready for servicing later in the summer. That’s it until Christmas.
I cleaned mine out over a month ago, thinking the same. Grand daughter (4 and a bit) had other ideas yesterday - bossy little madam! :grin:
I popped into a pub today to grab some wifi and came across this on its walls. The pub was appropriately named Queen's Head...

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HM The Queen Mum, gawd bless ‘er. Could always be relied on for a photo op in a Young’s boozer.
Redshift, if you like your London and military history, look for the history of Young’s brewery and the late John Young. A great friend to keeping British beer alive, and a pretty impressive war service.
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