Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Spent the day drowning maggots.
DSC_2862 (2) (Medium).jpg

The resident swans have three youngsters this year:

DSC_2857 (2) (Medium).jpg

I just hope the f***ing otters don't kill them like last year.
Nice a Douglas twin, made in Brizzle
Indeed. Kingswood. Dad "came by" a pair of forks from the Douggie factory. They were probably experimental, basically two tubes with approx 6" leading links set in rubber. They were hanging around the workshop, so I took the girder forks off a 16H Norton and put the tubed jobbies on. Total failure. Speed wobble at about 35MPH. I used to do a lot of back to the drawing board. Still do. BTW, Here's Henry on his Douglas.



Nice flag display at the Dunkirk Social Club in Amesbury. Considering the target audience, the display of empty beer barrels at the front of the club lends a certain synergy! :grin:
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