Arrsers self taken photo collection.

We bought 10 cows with calves at foot last summer. Of those calves 7 are heifers and will be kept to be bred from next year, 3 are steers and will go for beef next year, sold direct from here. They are not housed but out 12 months of the year on an extensive grass based system.
How much for an intact skull?
First there was a white Sparrow in the garden (photo taken earlier in the year by a neighbour - mine were crap!) He's still about after 2 years:

View attachment 393287
Now we have a young whitish Starling:
View attachment 393284
And a rabbit:
View attachment 393289
Despite being at least a couple of miles from any fields worthy of rabbits. No idea if it is wild, escaped tame dwarf or young normal sized. The local Fartbook groups don't have any missing bunnies listed.
Thats not a wild rabbit mate.
Nice to see neighbours getting on so well...

Had a womble around Gait Barrows nature reserve at Silverdale this afternoon and had the place to ourselves.
Got to see the first (rather tatty) Duke of Burgundy butterfly of the year:


And lots of Speckled Yellow moths:


Both of which are tiny. The DoB looks to be one of last years, being very pale and tattered, but AFAIK, they do not hibernate and they only have a very short flying season from the end of May to late June.
Some stuff from Garden...........
2019-05-16 002 (1).jpg
2019-05-16 004 (1).jpg
2019-05-16 005 (1).jpg
2019-05-16 009 (1).jpg

2019-05-16 002 (1).jpg

.... we have two groups of those in our back garden .... the first of the many blooms was just starting to burst out last night .... always a beautiful but delicate display .... Bees love them .
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