Arrsers self taken photo collection.

A couple more shots from my recent trip back to Australia.

Beautiful clear autumn air - Belconnen town centre from the north:


One of the house cats at my son's place. I am not a cat person.

To be perfectly honest my Norwegian blue was found left behind at a car boot sale.

Aye, I know the type. "It just fell off a lorry as I was passing, honest Guv." (taps nose knowingly) :clap:
Ah a Parrot .... my only experiences of such birds was when my daughter , who has an impish sense of humour , got me a one to complete my attire after an eye operation a couple of years ago ...

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... I should point out no Parrots were hurt when that photograph was taken ... it was fake and bought on E Bay ... it did have an interesting repertoire of phrases .including " Hello darling ... get you knickers off " .
I raise you a real 'un, my mate's...I should add taken rather a long time ago so no danger to persec...I look like Catweasle now ;)
Went fishing.
Didn't have time to grab the camera when a peregrine hammered a pigeon into the ground not 20' behind me but I did catch a mixed bag just under 40lbs..

DSC_2765 (2).jpg
Some more I've little Kimodo dragon ( well, could probably last a couple of rounds with one now the savage basstard!) in its infancy and it's little house...those are dead fungi..rock hard and very heavy. Also a very odd choice of a spot for a kip.....
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