Arrsers self taken photo collection.

It was a freebie skip find so all profit as far as I'm concerned.
Hooded Merganser (maybe),Martin Mere,a couple of weeks ago.
2019-03-05 036 (1).jpg
We were in Bangkok last week for a couple of days, dentist appointments and so on. I was struck by this wedge-shaped building on Wireless Road:


Not literally struck, obviously.

We also came across this massive 'green' demonstration:


Happy days!
We went to Locomotion, the train museum in Shildon, the other day. It was quite good, and it was free. I reckon there's a good few on here who wouldn't mind making their own Deltic.


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I visit here quite often but only took some photos the other day. Photos are taken on a crappy phone so not high resolution.

A tank, I believe. Replica of 'Little Audrey'.

Memorial 3.jpg

Memorial inscription.jpg

There's quite a lot of military concrete to find in the woods remaining from when the Desert rats were in residence, although a vehicle park has become a Camping and Caravan Club site.

Camp drive down to the main road, the A1065.
Memorial 1.jpg

Facing the other way, immediate right for covert vehicle park, straight on, pass next right turn and follow road right for REME workshops.

Photo taken in 1946, for reference:
Blue blob is from where the above photo was taken, red blob is the immediate right turn, green outline is billet area for 5RTR in Shakers Wood, purple is the cookhouse, green blob is mess and medics (roughly) yellow blob is the NAAFI.
Desert Rats Shakers Wood 5RTR 1946 blobs.JPG

5RTR cookhouse
5RTR cookhouse.jpg

5RTR Mess and medics
5RTR mess and medics.jpg

NAAFI, now set up for Desert Rats Association events on site.
NAAFI 2.jpg

Base for Nissen hut, 5RTR accommodation.
Hut base 3.jpg

The Desert Rats Association - 7th Armoured Division Thetford Forest Memorial

For further reading, Jake Wardrop's Diary
Mark Urban's book about 5RTR, 'The Tank War' is also worth a read.

The Tank War: The Men, the Machines and the Long Road to Victory by Mark Urban

It's also available on Amazon.
The 7th Armoured Division have a memorial service every year. The Riders Branch of the RBL, have a stand on site every year. Not a bad day out.
Mark Urban's book on the "Filthy Fifth" is highly recommended, compulsory reading for Tankies.
ps. Urban also wrote Rifles as well. Its about the 95th Rifles and Light Division in the Peninsula War.

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