Arrsers self taken photo collection.


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I was conscripted to caddie ONCE, aged about 12. My great uncle who golfed with one arm (some Waziri or some such had shot the other in 1919) found my searching questioning - I have an inquiring mind) while he was 'addressing the ball' (where to?) difficult. I was banned from golf courses for life. Result!
Look what we found on the lock restoration. It's Saddam's missing super gun. Was a bit worrying as there was a couple of septic F15's circling above at the time.

It's currently aimed in the general direction of Burton Joyce where it could do five quid's worth of improvements.

Golf? I enjoy it,bit of fresh air and moderate exercise.Took this a couple of weeks ago,crap phone pic...
RAM sand.jpg
Apart from the falsified exhaust emission reports...
No that shambles was awesome. About ten years ago I bought a vw Jetta for my company, reps, runabout etc. It ran for over 500km. Looked ok but a bit tired around the edges. Last summer I took the buyback option from VW and they gave me $19k, I originally paid about $24k for it. Bargain..

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