Arrsers self taken photo collection.

image #1 Dollar Cove.
The wreck of the Spanish ship, San Salvador, lost in 1669, was laden with silver dollars. It was said to be carrying two tonnes of coins at the time, some of which it is claimed, on occasion, are still washed up after storms which pound this exposed cove

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First offspring of the year for us on the farm. Two goat kids popped out this morning.

A few from local park today...
2019-02-19 001 (1).jpg
2019-02-19 004 (1).jpg
2019-02-19 008 (1).jpg
2019-02-19 009 (1).jpg
I know it's Amsterdam n'all, but really...?

2019-02-20 at 16.11.37.jpg

I notice there isn't apparently a charge for clearing up after a night of frolics with a couple of hookers...
Maybe because Thorntonbank exists (and thus appears on the plot) and Borselle has yet to be installed...
And we're subject to a social media ban whilst on project so can't name what has been named in several public press releases...

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