Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Before the screw-top bottles, Corona used to have digit-snapping metal tops which required the use of both thumbs to open them. Tizer, though, had screw-tops with a rubber seal. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
Proofread...may carry wrong meaning, more coherent than original perhaps ? And where's here, for clarification?
Liverpool. Stim memory was an afterthought,maybe I should have started another paragraph.
Early seventies in north London, we used to get the Corona van on a weekly basis.
As an aside I won a case of pop off of them when I was a very small child.
It was a fancy dress competition at Butlins and my mum dressed me up in carrier and paper bags, and called me "Bags of fun".
I am still in therapy to this day, and every time I think about it I get a shudder down my spine.
There is a photo somewhere and if my doctor gives me permission I will post it.
I came second.

That photo was taken in the early fifties.
My packed lunch yesterday. I didn't use my usual butty box because I can't fit as much chocolate in it as this box.


Ham and English mustard on Warburton's Farmhouse. Lots and lots of mustard.
Tunnocks. Good choice. The breakfast of champions.
Crunchy nut cornflakes is The Breakfast of Champions. Tunnocks is for NAAFI break, or with a cup of tea after your lunch.
Didin't someone once say with some authority that Haribo was the breakfast of champions...?

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