Arrsers self taken photo collection.

I normally park about a mile from my place of work and walk in the rest of the way, but since my knee op in September, I'd been parking on site until today, so this morning was the first time I'd seen this on my route:
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I've seen something similar in one or two of the larger local supermarkets, but nothing out in the open as this is. I think it's a great idea, it's got children's books on the other side and as it's about 50 metres from a primary school, I hope it encourages the little ones to read.
You see similar on Merseyrail Stations,especially on Southport Line.
Lovely day out at Lepe Country Park on the Solent with the grandkids.

Blood moon thing taken just now 05:15

The little old lady behind the WRVS-stylee "canteen" counter didn't even blush when I asked her if she'd tried these before.


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