Arrsers self taken photo collection.


Sadly, the quality isn’t brilliant (certainly compared to other posters on here), but thought some of the old and bold would be interested in these shots of Larkhill taken yesterday whilst walking the dog. The first image is of Fargo Ammo Compound (unchanged for years), but the second image, taken from the same spot, looking back towards Larkhill, gives you an idea of the development of the new barracks, being delivered under the Army Basing Programme. Due for completion this summer, it allows for the two Gunner Regiments currently located at Tidworth, to move into their ‘spiritual home’ and at the same time, creates space at Tidworth for units coming out of Germany.
Looking across to L2 today...Spot the Cormorant
2019-01-08 004 (1).jpg
Miss OB was away for a long weekend at a churchy thing in Assisi, we went up on Sunday for a lunch and visit.

Turns out she was staying in an old converted church and this was the view from the terrace in front. Not bad for 65 euro.
Weather here today was miles better than on Saturday, so this time, I went widdershins round the lake.
No cormorants but I did see a Hawk
DSC_2507 (2) (Medium).jpg
DSC_2510 (2) (Medium).jpg
DSC_2511 (2) (Medium).jpg
DSC_2521 (2) (Medium).jpg
DSC_2532 (2) (Medium).jpg
DSC_2533 (2) (Medium).jpg

The last was just on sunset.

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One for those who don't mind spiders, I knocked this one out of an open pot standing on the wall, but he hung around for a bit to see what I was doing. The trouble with stuff this small is getting the depth of field wide enough



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