Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Got one into Amsterdam from Schipol. Cheap and very quick.
180km/h according to the screens in the carriage. Non-stop Schiphol-Rotterdam-Breda. Apart from half an hour in the middle of nowhere waiting for them to clear a breakdown.
Liverpool Central Library,main staircase,today
2018-12-07 021 (1).jpg
Nice pic but that's playing havoc with my eyes, thank Christ I don't suffer from epilepsy.
It is a strange shape.Another one, from reading room....more traditional.
2018-12-07 018 (1).jpg
Is the bloke in the last picture being attacked by a giant sperm?
Spotted this earlier, not sure if the owner is ex serving.

A new dining option has opened near us. My long-haired interpreter tells me it is called 'Smell of Basil'.


Cheap, cheerful and very tasty.

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