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Arrsers self taken photo collection.


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I'm going to be interested in the correct answer, but I am going to have an intuitive guess and say it's naval or AA...I don't think they were using alot of that calibre in the trenches then...but like I say wild-ish guess...
I use my 1918 German ne as a stick stand.
The Dawn Patrol was presented last weekend at the National Museum of the USAF. It had fly-bys of replica WW I fighters, dog fights, and such. There were a lot of re-enactors dressed in WW I costume as well and many vendors. I didn't get to the venue until late in the afternoon and as a result, missed most of the fighters. I managed to take a picture of one, but I'm clueless as to what model it was. I think its a Nieuport 17 as the squadron logo was for the Lafayette Escadrille used after April; 1917 (Sioux warrior) and the Escadrille was known to use this type of fighter.The roundels on the wings though were not French as one would suppose but American. Maybe that was done on purpose to reflect that once America joined the war, the Lafayette pilots joined the American Air Service. Pity there was no minder around whom I could ask.

Dawn Patrol 1.jpg
Dawn Patrol 2.jpg
Dawn Patrol 3.jpg
A 1918 pattern Ford Model T ambulance.

Dawn Patrol 10.jpg
Dawn Patrol 11.jpg
Dawn Patrol 12.jpg
Shadow boxes made by one exhibitor to highlight some of the aces of the war.

Dawn Patrol 7.jpg
Dawn Patrol 8.jpg
Dawn Patrol 13 [French].jpg
Dawn Patrol 14 [Imperial Russia].jpg
Dawn Patrol 15 [Australia].jpg
Dawn Patrol 16 [RNAS].jpg
A couple of amusing food vendor wagons

Dawn Patrol 4.jpg
Dawn Patrol 5.jpg
Dawn Patrol 9.jpg
Playing about with lighting and some bits and bobs I found in the garden

I would not buy one nowadays. Considering how many masks may have been made they crop up pretty much weekly on eBay for £500 or so and I guess gullible Americans buy them thinking they are genuine.
Usually from sellers that have a lot of bad feedback and upon googling are found out to be traders of fake antiques etc.
Pisses one off.

This bloke is selling his third one this month , his names at the bottom if anyones interested in militaria . Just google his name and militaira ! And fools still but his made in China Iron crosses.


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Take a squizz.


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What happened to @joey88's photo from Ginkel Heide ?
I saw this and I thought, "ho yus, Thai 'Them' ".


Never mind the colour, if it is 'Them' they have got a few bob in their defence budget:


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