Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Taken on a recent visit to Reno & Lake Tahoe July 2018

Reno 2.jpg
Reno 3.jpg
Reno 4.jpg
Reno 5.jpg
Reno 6.jpg
Reno 7 Mask.jpg
A few more snaps of Reno & Lake Tahoe area:

Reno L1.jpg
Reno L2.jpg
Reno L3.jpg
Reno L4.jpg
Reno L5.jpg
Reno L7.jpg
Reno L8.jpg
Reno L11b.jpg
Reno L12.jpg
Reno L13.jpg
I may have dropped a bollock, I thought they were waitresses:

One for @Joshua Slocum ...took this several years ago in Slovakia. I've got a very rudimentary knowledge of bikes and have no idea what this is. My guess is a very expensive custom job...there are some stinking rich ( read Mafia and politicians) people in that town...population the size of Exeter, but net value of residents uncountable...So, any ideas? Is it actually a factory job, and if so, who???

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