Arrsers self taken photo collection.

If you want to find dead sheep. Have a drink from the burn, then walk up stream!
When I had the forestry business, we spent a couple of weeks drinking out of High Beck, below Pillar in the Ennerdale valley.
We bench felled the first strip then moved uphill.
Across to the beck about 30 yds higher up for a drink & there it is - herdwick flavouring. :mrgreen:
Clematis on my doorstep, or rather OC Domestic's clematis... on her doorstep.

Is it a Star Wars kitchen? Coz it looks like green laser beams and some funky moon lorry in that first pic.
And that's a shed-load of butties being prepared on the breadboard ;)
I've had dysentery three times.
Yes I know that's just plain ******* stupid.
You know the saying.
Once is happenstance.
Twice is coincidence.
Third is enemy action . . . or sheer fücking stüpidity
Of course, If you like. My faithful old buddy Zak passed on a few years ago. I miss him a lot. The photo was taken at Silver Sands, Morar, NW Scotland. I was camping with my girl friend, now wife. Means a lot to me. Or have I spoilt it for you!
Cheers Fallingup. I did reply the other day but it must of got lost during the blackout period.
I just looked up the link posted by @Ruckerwocman, and it took me to another link with the German and Dutch sites. Turns out there was a battery in Grefrath, which was not too far from Krefeld where I was posted for a bit. I knew there was a NATO unit there, used the PX a couple of times, but never knew it was a missile battery HQ. NIKE would have been well out of service when I was in, so I assume it either had a different missile, or possibly a different role entirely. Makes me wonder why they would put an AD missile battery several hundred KM from both the coast and the IGB. If the Russians had got to Grefrath, it's pretty much all over anyway. It's in Germany, but only a few KM from the Dutch border.
There were several AD missile belts in Europe during the Cold War to provide defense in depth. There was SHORAD close to the IGB and longer range weapons (Nike, Hawk and Patriot) further back to protect airfields, ports and supply routes.
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Morning has broken...

Ooh - neighbours!
Glomar Wave02.jpg



Bit busy around here!
Annnnnnd that's another day in the bag...


If you scroll the next three really quickly the ship moves...

And at that time on the other side of my old tub...


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