Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Next door has something new in their garden

I'm a little unnerved, can't think why...
Some serious bolts of donner und blitzen shooting across the sky over the Scheldt at the moment. Weird-ass electric colours in the clouds...


You can see the rain front marching across the sea in this one.

These are from North Ronaldsay lighthouse. The light is surrounded by 16 lenses completing 1 rotation every 160 seconds giving a characteristic flash every 10 seconds.
The lamp in the photo is just starting, if it fails there is an automatic lamp changer that rotates and places another lamp in the focal point of the lenses (there are backups to these on the outside of the tower).

The Burnham on Sea lighthouse is up for sale. Might be worth a punt. Top deck with NV goggles could be fun..
Turning on to finals for a 09 arrival at London City in a BA E190 last Sunday. First time I've used the place. Quite civilised compared to the zoo that is LHR.
And an informative too!!! Damned good pics...a naval gun on land...interesting...presumably pointed at Scotland. Could the Vikings be convinced to finish the project and fire off afew ( hundred) practice rounds at Holyrood?
Interesting. From around 1919 until early in the 1940's a number of 16 inch guns were placed in concrete casements along the New England coast. Portland Maine, the mouth of Boston harbor, Newport Rhode Island.
Some guns were built for the US Army Coastal Artillery and some were USN 16 inch/50 caliber guns surplussed due to treaty restrictions. Some were still there in the 50's when I was a kid.
Also, steel and concrete towers were along the coast to take bearing on ships and telephone them to the gun emplacements. A lot of the towers are still standing.

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