Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Also was lucky to see, in a local market, the travelling Exhibition of 'The Artiste Formerly Known As Prince's Superhuman Penis...segmented due to freight difficulties, but lit tastefully...
We had a little visitor this afternoon:


I think it's a golden tree snake, but I'll do some fuller research later. Anyway, it's next-door's snake now.

E2A: likely a golden tree snake = mildly venomous.
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^ You get a lot of Golden Trees round your way?
'From the right,NUMBER!
^ You get a lot of Golden Trees round your way?
Nice one! There is however, a popular and very decorative tree round here called the Golden Rain tree, so I suppose a small one would be a Golden Shower (I'll get my raincoat).
It'd be a dead snake if I saw it. [shudder] Hate them [/shudder]
I nearly walked past it as it was half way through the gate and appeared to have 'frozen' as I approached. Like you, I am not a snake person, but this was so (dare I say it) delicate and attractive I wanted to save it. It's still around, unless them next door have eaten it.
This is about as exciting as my life gets at the moment.


We found some tiles that match the Denby, so they're going in tomorrow.


Light fittings fit for a Princess.
these start gate ones are great!
How wrong is this?

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@Drazyl - told you it existed.
but it's already cooked, so one could eat 'em like crisps in front of the telly in one's trackies.
I'm tempted.... ;)

Edit to add: I'm glad Lady Snaily gave me a thumbs up and am pleased that I got aall posh & writed 'one' instead of 'you' My face coulda be in ribbons as thin as them mixed-meats snacks...:)
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Some sort of ceremony at the Senso-Ji temple in Tokyo.

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My full frame camera decided it was going to eat it's own shutter just as I got on the aircraft at Heathrow. I spent part of the first day looking for a second hand camera shop in Tokyo which is harder than you'd think, you can buy new cameras all over the place but it seemed harder to find a second hand shop.
It their harvest festival (I think); I've taken part in one of them as a child (on the child's version which had wheels).
45°30'19.03"N 3°28'00.84"W give or take a yard for the ribs & spine.

Someone or something had already made off with the skulls. ^_~
45 N and 3W is the Bay of Biscay. Are they sea horses then?

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