Arrsers self taken photo collection.

A couple more from me, Orange Tip and Dark Veined White
Dark Veined White-1-2.jpg
Dark Veined White-1-3.jpg
A slight blow this evening...

Up and down, up and down...
That's the stuff that stinks like a rotting corpse in a full septic tank isn't it?
It does have a distinctive smell, but the Thai stuff is supposedly not as bad as the Malaysian fruit.
Durian fruit, likened to eating strawberry jam in the khazi. Banned on Singapore MRT and rightly so.

Hotels in Thailand don't like you bringing it in, I've even seen mangosteen banned, probably to avoid purple stains on the sheets (where else would you eat fruit?). The suggested 'fine' here is a bit steep, though:

Had a pint of this in the Bull, Battle high street and very good it was too:

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