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Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Frank Tilden Fuller, one of my relatives, old photo partly restored. Along with his notification card...one of the many that didn't come home
I know you're a photographer but I couldn't resist my interpretation of how I would restore this photo, it's all about getting the depth and shadows back. I can't take a photo for shite but I have been using Photoshop as part of my job for over 20 years.

A misty, early morning shot of Back Creek, Canungra, Queensland.

I been and got cultured, late afternoon, this Saturday.
China's First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors - World Museum, Liverpool museums


The fuzzy bumble bee, on the far right, is my very own warrior coming to find me.
I was lost again, who would have thought.


two B.png

two C.png


If you get the chance, give it a go.
My, no flash, iphone pictures do not do it justice.

The best part for me?
When my very own Quality Manager saw these;

two E.png



"They did it then, why can't they do it now!!!!!!":rage:

Heads turn.:rofl:
Yes dear, says I, wiping the spittle off the glass case.
She is having problems of traceability with them at the mo, she may have to go and knock heads again.
Richmond (the real one). If you squint carefully, you can see a lad in a ROYAL WELSH t-shirt steadying himself ready to do a back flip into the water.

View attachment 331772

View attachment 331774

Only sheer morbid curiosity made us watch, just in the hope that he broke his f*cking neck, or snapped his leg. Unfortunately, he survived to do it again, much to the disappointment of the bystanders.

View attachment 331775
Cheers @The_Snail you've brought back happy memories of warm summer days of 1988 and '89 :)
Bought these today at a car boot sale, cost the princely sum of £4 for the pair.



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