Arrsers self taken photo collection.


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they also need vegatables
many of the origional settlers in America died because of that, they had plenty of meat but no vegetables
also many of the early settler women could piss standing up
but thats another story
I thought all female septics pissed while standing up. Some without even knowing it. They must have come from Blackpool.
We used to own a Lurcher, a rehome job
when my wife was pregnant everybody said we would have to get rid of her when the child was born, we had owned her for 3 years
one evening we had lots of visitors and the Dog hustled them all out of the house ??
my wifes waters had broken
how the dog knew I will never know
then while she was in hospital with the baby the dog vanished ?
I walked over to the maternity hospital ( at the end of our road)
there was the dog asleep in the porters lodge, she had been sitting outside the ward ?
her and my daughter were the best ever friends
What a great story. And what a wonderful dog.
also many of the early settler women could piss standing up
I'd have thought any woman could piss standing up, if she moved her feet far enough apart.

Reminds me - when I was at uni' and we were out on the lash in the clubs of Luton it was not uncommon for desperate girls to come in the gents when the inevitable line formed at the ladies. One lass came in, found all the cubicles occupied so went to a urinal, hoiked up the wide belt that allegedly formed her skirt, pulled the gusset of her thong aside, rotated her hips forward and - poised over the sticky-out bit at the front - proceeded to make golden rain into the pot. Shook her hips, fetched her gusset back, skirt down, quick "Bet you've never seen that before, eh, fellas?" to me and the bloke on the other side of her who were looking on incredulously, hit the basin then back out to the dancefloor.

Fuckin' brass tart.

It was trimmed, if anyone's wondering.
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Should you need help, I have cheese n crackers.

Too late,it' s been consumed at a charidee event organised by my friend who bought it at a charity auction. To be honest it didn't taste great - it was just about drinkable. Bottles such as these tend to do the charity auction circuit for far too long. I' m glad my friend had the courage to open it and make some money for her chosen charity. She has resolved not to drink so much at charity auctions in future , but at least she now has a very fine and unique lamp made from the bottle.
Richmond (the real one). If you squint carefully, you can see a lad in a ROYAL WELSH t-shirt steadying himself ready to do a back flip into the water.



Only sheer morbid curiosity made us watch, just in the hope that he broke his f*cking neck, or snapped his leg. Unfortunately, he survived to do it again, much to the disappointment of the bystanders.

Fun and games...


I think they've got the rooms mixed up.


It's getting there though.

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