Arrsers self taken photo collection.


The display in the wanky Military Surplus shop near Tesco Catterick.
No, I'm not keen on traps as I think they are a bit barbaric, I have shown them how to catch them using nets and a ferret though.
Many, many years ago, two of us got pulled on SPTA, ferretin', by MOD plod. Marched into Ludgershall Court, Lady something or other OiC. Guilty, Five pounds each. MOD geezer jumps up, asks for costs. Refused.
Ha ha. Result.
Come to think of it, never saw the ferret again. Wonder if it went feral?
PS. Farewell Freddie, the freedom loving feral ferret. Feckorf.
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Is it not the case that were you to solely eat rabbit-then you'd die of malnutrition because its"got nowt in it'?
Happy to be corrected.
Yes - it's called "rabbit starvation." It's what knacked the Hudson Bay trappers during a particularly stiff winter.

Can't remember if it is because of the lack of vitamins in the meat or fat, though.

Edited to add: subsequent posts seen.
Pratting about with stuff as you do
Flower SL-1.jpg
Flower SL-2.jpg
Flower SL-3.jpg
Flower SL-4.jpg
Flower SL-5.jpg
Frank Tilden Fuller, one of my relatives, old photo partly restored. Along with his notification of the
Frank Tilden Fuller Portrait.jpg
Framk Tilden Fuller.jpg
many that didn't come home
Early evening flight from Canberra to Brisbane. Yes I'm in a window seat and, yes, it's a B737-800. Nails, eh?

Lovely afternoon out with the grandkids at Mottesfont yesterday. We’re very lucky to live only 15 mins away and as NT members, it’s a freeby (apart from the annual membership, obviously). Tend to visit at least twice a week this time of year - beautiful place.

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