Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Not this year. In fact, a while ago.

first spring lamb.jpg
Just a bit of a much to practise loading photos as anything!
Dukes Pass.

Catterick, end of H4H UK rally.
They had running water back then.


Old T-rex, Glasgow Uni Avenue.

Colder the better!
Fit aboot starten a Doric forum just tae upset aw the non doric spikers :D
My speech recognition soft ware goes mental, "fit like ma loon " = bit like the moon "affa fine piece " = above the fireplace "Fair Scunnert " = far sunset "Fadidat " = fairground "Its your round" = stony silence ( I made that one up )
Had a bimble around the Forest of Dean this evening
Grey Squirrel.JPG
Roe Deer.JPG

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