Arrsers self taken photo collection.


Was in Arlington cemetery yesterday looking for this guy’s grave as I have just been reading about him in Alanbrooke’s diaries. I was looking for a grave-stone but was super impressed when I stumbled across this. BTW he’s Field Marshall Dill, played one of the most important roles in WW2 as liaison between UK and US forces. Died in Washington.
Out in the snow today hoping to get a pic of a Buzzard (no luck) but did manage to get a pic of a Cormorant (I think).
..and yes, I have noticed I have a fingerstain on the lens...will be sorted when I buy my next bottle of surgiical alcohol and remember not to drink it all...
Just found an old CD and had a look . It was my first digital camera a Sony .
Self drive around Botswana, Kaprivi strip and some of Zimbo in 2002.

Lets go to the Kalahari.
botswana 2002 009.jpg

On the way to Kubu Island in the great salt pan.

botswana first week 040.jpg

The old Ridgeback hunting rabbits in the woods.

hunter ! the first stage.jpg

Exped to Sardinia. Guy at the rear was an American USAF MSGT . After walking to the top of the rocks he fell over and said "That was the hardest thing I have ever done."

sardu 2 018.jpg
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A couple of attempts at arty shots


And one for @The_Snail in light of her recent admission that she doesn't like unicorns


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