Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Wigan council handiwork:

Ran out of paint, ran out of time or just couldn't be arsed?
What's this thing do, then...?


This is s'posed to be another 'plane seemingly passing rather cloe over the top of mine but all the clag on the window seems to have jizzed it up.

Alright, then - who nicked all the bloody snow?! Was here in 2006 in late March and there was a metre plus of it everywhere except on the roads. We even had a foot of it on the ship's deck the next morning.

If you want a tunnel building ask the Noggins. This one is 6.5km long, goes under a reasonably deep fjord and has sliproad junctions and all sorts in it...

If you want really BFO bridges building, ask the Nog's for them, too.
This is the best one I've been able to take, snapped with the camera from my old Lumia 520 phone, so I'm surprised it looks as good as it does:


Nice bike as well, I think.
Home for the foreseeable...


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