Arrsers self taken photo collection.

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Messing round with pic from garden today...
2018-02-19 002 (1) (4).jpg
In Singers, having a lovely time.
Food market at Tijong Bahru
Tiong Bahru Market 1.jpg
Tiong Bahru Market 2.jpg

Then views from Sister-in-law's flat on Depot Road (Ex Mob Camp next door)
Singapore 1.jpg

View just after sparrowfart from back of our hotel
Singapore 2.jpg

Lastly, just had our evening meal at Newton Food Market.
Newton 1.jpg
Newton 2.jpg

My grub.
10 sticks of Mutton Satay, with the chilli peanut sauce, raw onion, cucumber and rice cake. Washed down with an ice cold Tiger and a litre of freshly squeezed lime juice.
$13 SG for the lot (about 7 quid)
Satay 1.jpg

The stall where I bought the satay, could be back tomorrow for some Nasi Lemak

Satay 2.jpg
Decided the grandson's car seat needed a clean. Took the covers off for washing, cleaned the restraint straps, vacuumed the seat carcass and then removed the pan from under the seat....


Something different. If you want a new pair of canal lock gates made, take a plank of wood, cut to size and use it as a template.

Picked this up today from a bric-a-brac stall on the market, bloke had no idea what it was as he'd got it from a house clearance, it was in a box of stuff marked £1 an item.



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Sunset over South London or someone's dropped a nuke in Wandsworth!

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