Arrsers self taken photo collection.

My cousin sent me a snap of what waits for me if I take a step out of doors in this inclement weather. Every coffin dodger has one of these in the trees watching and waiting.

Buzzards in Snow.jpg
Ha! I think I can guess this missing letter quiz!

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Went to the Raptor Centre in Cupar yesterday. Can recommend it. The lass who took charge of us was very good at explaining the beasts and knew her stuff. Here's a couple of pics:

My daughter with an Eagle Owl. Pity her pink hood dominates the photo.


A Harris Hawk. Split second before it tried to steal my hat.

Harris Hawk.jpg
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I'll let the old man know - He loves Cotehele.

That aside, last weekend I was in Gibraltar visiting the family.

I'd arranged to meet a couple of old ex-RN mates and their spouses; it was their first visit to The Rock in years and was intended as a bit of a nostalgia trip, with me acting as a sort of informal tour guide.

And right on cue, the RN decides it’s a good time for its new carrier to have an overseas visit to Gib.

Ah, the nostalgia of watching young, drunken matelots make complete prats of themselves as they fell out of the Horseshoe.

It’s nice to see some traditions still upheld.

Anyway, acting the tourist, I headed to where I might get a decent photo of our newest piece of tin as it left harbour – the site of the 100-ton gun.

01 QE.jpg

And for anyone unfamiliar with the 100-ton gun, this is what it looks like:

02 gun.jpg

An amazing piece of Victoriana; it's an 'ucking big steam-driven, muzzel-loading, rifled canon.

Factoid: the local press would announce it was to be fired two days in advance so everyone in the immediate vicinity could remove their windows.

Parked next to it is this (by comparison) sad little thing:

03 gun.jpg

Other than being WW2 vintage anti-aircraft (I assume), I know bugger all about it, though I doubt this was its original site.
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Spent the evening with the Vulcan Restoration Trust at Southend Airport (ex. RAF Rochford). XL426 Vulcan B2.


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Was up in the Jockaneese Wastelands over the weekend and called into an antique/vintage/collector barn shop. Bought this little gem for £18.



1814 is when the firm began not when the item was made which was probably around 1950/1960 I think.

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