Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. I realise that we have a very fine Gallery here, but nothing dedicated to self taken piccies, so thought it worth a try. Something that may or not build up over a little time and photos that invite a few choice comments. The pics can be anything at all, even sneakily taken ones.

    The only rule is that you have to have taken the piccie yourself.

    Have your phone cam ready for when the fat arsed gobshite is around.

    I'd previously seen a humungous woman bending over showing a huge expanse of arse and a teeny thong ffs and it gave me the idea of this..

    So I had a go at this......I had to get a prescription recently and the only place open was here. Nearly twenty fucking minutes of ogling it and then when I took it, I forgot the flash was on and had to pretend to be examining my camera whilst studiously not looking at her..nearly shit it.

    I mean, fancy getting arrested for perving that.

    If she's your's, I'm only kidding..not.

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  2. So where is the pic of her bending over showing piss flaps cascading around a thong?
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  3. You get your meds from Tesco?
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  4. And? A pharmacy is a pharmacy even if its in tesco.
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  5. That one is 1st prize.
  6. I hope shes preggers
  7. In your line of work, you should be able to get some absolute corkers, particularly of the skiprats that frequent your place of employment.... put one of cyril up.

  8. Ooh, you didn't read it correctly.

    Anyway, what's it to you where I get my Methadone..nosy cunt!
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  9. Not the best photo i could get.Check out that for a builders crack!!!!. Put me off my Happy Meal it did.

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  10. My veterinary has a much better selection.
  11. Piccy?
  12. There's no Tesco where I am.
  13. My local shop

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  14. Let's see what I have.
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