Arrsers' Number Plates

In the last few days I have seen a couple of number plates (both on Chelsea Tractors) that, if they don't belong to Arrsers, probably should.



Anyone want to admit ownership?
sorry, it's early, care to explain the first one?

off on a tanget slightly, (god forbid) saw AHP 122 A on a Beamer on the M5, rearranged to red "AH P122A"


Current motorbike plate raised a query initially from the insurers as it was uncannily similar to my initials so they thought they could charge me extra for a customised plate.

Just shows how low the money grabbers at some insurance companies will stoop to make an extra buck as it was picked at random from the list of plates I could of had.
We have a regular visit from a UK truck with the registration OSH 1 T - always cause for amusement when it arrives!!
i see fi11 m3 on a car in mansfield.....strange one!
I used to make number plates, have made A 6, KAR 120 C (the Prisoners Lotus ) GB 2, P 15 OFF, and some dirty johnny foreigner type who wanted a diplomatic plate who tried to say he didn't have to pay for it ( I growled at him and his missus, he paid!)
I'm sat here trying to think up a suitable registration for myself ... any ideas?
Well they've already mentioned PEN15 so you missed out.

Looking at your username I can't think of any that spring to mind :?

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