Arrsers in London this evening?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by .Dolly, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Any fellow Arrsers intending to watch the England vs Sweden match in London tonight? I’ve a late meeting today and won’t get home in time so thought I might shoehorn myself into a packed beverage establishment to view the game. I’ll be in the City/West End areas if anyone has any suggestions of the best place to go. Thanks :D
  2. Sport Bar, Haymarket. Right next to Her Majestys theatre...
  3. Thanks for the suggestion IJ. Might try the Coal Hole too. The England team had better make it worth my while!
  4. Is that the boozer near the Savoy on the Strand
  5. Yep thats the one, I'm rather fond of the place but it's often packed to the gunnels.