ARRSErs favorite Music of 2012 - N-tis, N-tis, N-tis

I thought I'd throw this out there; a thread for music of 2012 that fellow ARRSErs find agreeable.

From Tweedy to some bollocks on Radio 4, whatever your passion get it posted and let us all revel in the latest musical interest being blasted out on the old Morris Marina tape deck.

I'm enjoying this tune at the moment:

"Elbow - One day like this" is probably my favourite tune of the year so far!
This mother bitch:



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This one is my favourite at the moment:

I'm liking this from Flo rida recently. Good in the car on hot Summer days thrashing round the M25.

This song has caught my attention lately for some reason.

Caught them live this summer, outstanding. Seeing them again in November.

Another find this year is The Magnetic North, again caught them live over the summer. Real chill out music from Orkney.



This... discovered it by accident while listening to a south Irish radio station on the way to work. Apparently it's in the uk charts at the minute too but I've never heard it played anywhere other than Irish radio. Fits my taste in music perfectly. J'afuckingdore.

These guys were supposed to have another album out this year but they've only just got in the studio so guess it'll be next year, ******* awesome to see live (if you like AC/DC style music)

Fat Freddys Drop.


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