ARRSER in the dock?


Man 'had sex with victim's body'

A man accused of murdering teenage model Sally Anne Bowman confessed to having sex with her after she was killed, a court has been told.
Miss Bowman, 18, was stabbed and bitten several times outside her Croydon home in September 2005.

Chef Mark Dixie, 35, of no fixed address, denies murdering Miss Bowman.

Prosecutor Brian Altman told the Old Bailey: "The defendant confesses that he had sex with Sally Anne and that he had sex with her after her death."

The court heard Mr Dixie had said he had been drinking, took drugs and had "taken advantage of the situation".

Mr Altman added: "That astonishingly is his defence. It is born out of desperation.

"There is not a single grain of truth in it."

The case continues.
So, Mark Dixie... what was his arrse username?
bigbird67 said:
nah...necrophilia's a bit straight for MDN! Unless she was slightly rotted and a bit liquid around the edges of course!
Dunno, most of us would make exceptions to normal rules for one so pretty.......
Nothing wrong with shaggin' dead bodies, unless some rotten cnut splits on you... :roll:

I would get my coat and grab a taxi but my $50 hooker has me a little tied up at the mo' 8)

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