Arrser confronts Tory John Redwood on bicycle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by londonirish, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Last night, while walking home from the pub, I went under the underpass of the A4 in Chiswick.

    A cyclist was starting up the ramp I was walking down, despite the signs banning him from doing this. He came round the corner at a rate of knots, and I did the old trick of pretending to avoid him, while actually making sure that by the time he got to me, I would be infront of him.

    He came to a halt, and I said, very gently " You are not allowed to cycle here, please dismount and walk. I walk here every day, and it really pisses me off"

    He dismounted and said " I can understand that" and went on his way.

    Thirty seconds later, I realised it was John Redwood. If he had simply said "Sorry" as they usually do after almost knocking kids down etc, I woudn't have given it a second thought.

    But isn't it typical of a politician not to admit he is wrong, and to use such a non-committal phrase? In fact, that's what gave his ID away, as I woulnd't have given his ID a second thought had he just mumbled sorry and gone on his way.

    I'm not saying he is a bad guy per se, I know nothing about him, exept that he looks a bit odd. But an interesting perspective on how politicos think and operate even while incognito.....
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Which pub?
  3. Sam's Brasserie, why are you looking for a hot date? :smooch:..... :D
  4. Get him tonight with some cheese-wire ? line could be just as good though.
  5. I was thinking maybe a breeze block from on high, smiting him down like the craven curr he is
  6. At least by his actions, he admitted that you were right and he was wrong. Not many politicians would do that. They are trained from an early age never to admit error and the S**** (sorry) word has been expunged from their vocabulary.

    For the record, I am not a Redwood apologist.
  7. He didn't - that's the point. He merely suggested that he could understand. Damnit we can all understand why John Prescott's secretary got him across her but that doesn't mean we are a)sorry or b)condone it!

    Did he look like a vulcan close up?
  8. I'm none too fond of most politicians, but Redwood is on my list of "people I'd most like to hurl in front of a bus".
    Do you think he's learnt the words to the Welsh national anthem yet? :roll:
  9. Yes but his mind tricks didn't work, as I have a special tin foil liner in my head.

    That's right, he did not admit he was wrong atall. I was not giving him the option of staying on his bike, since I was blocking his way, and I think he sensed that staying on it was not an option.

    I prolly looked a bit scary, number one cut that day on my balding pate, and blue civvy combats and denim jacket rather than the usual suit.

    Basically, when casually attired like this, I look like a yob. My public school accent would have totally confused him, as he comes from a world where people wear another type of "uniform", if they speak like that.

    I think he thought I was going to mug him :twisted:

    I bet he was seething afterwards....
  10. I bet he wasn't seething at all. Probably just got back on his bike after he had passed the scary man in ''urban combats''.
  11. No, he walked, and kept looking back.

    I said he might have been seething because, often, people like him are used to getting their way, perhaps with a snappy rejoinder/put-down, but he didn't and might have wished to.

    I had no desire to scare him as such, but he did look a little alarmed.