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If you click on the ' to back army rumour service' link at the top of each page it come s up with a 404 error.
Small job for someone to fix the link.


Proximo said:

It works for me: can you confirm you mean the 'Back to ARRSE' link in the 'Navigation' box?
Who's Adam?
I may old but I'm not that bloody old!!
Any back to the problem.
No the navigation box work OK but at the top of each page you have:
The British Military Open Encyclopedia - ARRSE-Pedia. Back to British Army Rumour Service Home
That's the broken one.
Proximo said:
Right - a quick fix has been implemented and we appreciate it's a bit clunky!

A more joined-up solution is forthcoming...
Can I have a new page dear? Bit like the last one but without Flashy sexpesting me?

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