Just been looking through ARRSEPedia (click me Big Boy)

A bit like an online encyclopedia, it's open for all to contribute be it serious, humorous, military or non military.

I was having a nosey at contributions for RE, what's there is good, covers the basics but there is scope for alot more input (clicky ). The majority of the links lead to blank pages and I cant find anything trade specific so maybe some new pages/links could be set up??

If any of you lot had a slack few minutes and wanted to share some your hard earned knowledge of the mighty corps, then give it a go it's easy to navigate your way round and there is also a tutorial to help you (click me hard).

If completed it could be a useful tool to direct some of the questions that get asked in here and because you lot are editing it, you can make it as factual or opinion based as you like.

What do you think, do any of you use it?
will not acknowledge any name & password when you try to create an account.
Being the Guidon of the Army Air Corps a playboy bunny wouldn't be out of place.....

Its a Corps full of love pumps and each of us has a fit blonde chick worthy of the heffner badge that can be summoned at a moments notice :D
Porridge_gun said:
Not sure if its still a feature, but usernames were restricted to 9 digits at one stage to reduce the cyberterror gang of Seaside town interfering with the facility

thats the badger, works now.
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