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I can't create an account! I've had this issue on two other sites now, no matter what I type in to the 'username' field, it's always unavailable. Definitely not a clashing issue, I've tried anything and everything as a test to make sure I'm not going mad, and I still can't create a friggin account!

In the words and manner of a man drunkenly locked in a toilet, HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!
Just realised, this is totally the wrong part of the forum to post this.

Eyes Dukes, eyes.
The system automatically refuses anyone who it suspects of using words like "Yo"

However,when you start Basic,remember to address all the Training and Senior Staff as "Yo,Dude" This will mark you out as being special,and guarantee your rapid promotion.
Yeah, to clear that up a bit - I have never used that word in any sort of serious context in my life ever. For some reason my auto-typing fingers decided it was a fitting opener.

My planned procedure for making contact with my superiors is to tremble uncontrollably, let out a feeble 'M-m-morning C-corporal..' and cry.

I also noticed the other post I left in the general forum was moved to the same place as this. So now there's two threads saying the same thing. Good start!
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