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Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by JuniorBod, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. OK I know I'm just a Junior Bod at this wiki lark but may I make a small suggestion for tidying up the wiki.

    I note that there is a category for [[Utter Nonsense/Candidates For Deletion]] but nothing ever seems to happen to things that are tagged with this category.

    Would it be possible for a grown up to create a category for minions (like what we is) to recategorise what looks like rubbish (by that I mean miss-spelling such as Bladder'ed or Andy Mc'Nabb, capitalisation ie FERRET, or just plain crap) to be reviewed by someone with the power to either zap a bad page or re designate as not rubbish.

    I just find it irritating that to try to do something with the most banal pages in orphans or dead ends you would have to go into the main wiki and make an incorrect link to an incorrect page??

    All right, I know..... wind your neck in JB.

  2. You have the power. Off you go.
  3. WAH

    What power, I have no power, or do I, have I missed something.

  4. Fat finger edit... what a mong.
  5. Definition of a Wiki....

    An online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. have the power!
  6. OK I understand the power bit now and that is true regarding editing and amending.

    But what I mean is where someone has created an erroneous page, I don't think I have the power to delete that, or even amend an incorrect page name, as far as I can see it just sits there looking at you .. or am I wrong, have I missed something?

  7. You can create any category you want - it is the same as adding a page to an existing category (i.e. [ plus category:name then ] again) - why not add pages like that to a category called MOD ACTION REQUIRED then pm me when you've done a few and I'll visit your category page....

  8. Cheers Ghostie

    I'll have a play with that.