Arrsepedia and the curious case of @Rich


This post is the stupidest stupid cünt post the department has ever seen.
Which baring in mind some of the members here is staggering.
Your posts have been brought to the attention of the Cuñtology department for deliberation by numerous concerned members and
@Cromarty it is the departments opinion that you're a stupid cünt.
I tell you this to alleviate your ignorance. If no one tells you, You won't know and will spread your stupid cuñtery everywhere you go.
Inflicting innocent folk with your stupid cüntish ways.
So fuçk off and be stupid elsewhere.

Yours sincerly


Cüntologist to the stars, and the crowned heads of Europe
I'm not sure what you're trying to say.


I think the Australian arrsepedia page is a great laugh and thought I'd have some fun of my own and hopefully get some card to add to it. Not an Australian with facts.

But please, continue, your thoughts are equally amusing.

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