Arrsepedia and the curious case of @Rich


Id spin that prop and cut its fkuking throat.
Its probably attached to a tinny half the size of the shark, besides, stop biting my anti cavitation plate

Lemon shark. Mostly harmless unless you try to nick a sardine from down its throat and get your fingers sliced by accident.
Too much ammonia in the flesh. They urinate through their skins AFAIK. Tastes like shit and too much trouble to arse about soaking in milk and such to remove the ammonia. I know fish fingers use a lot of shark but no idea how it's denatured.

Prefer shooting something I know to be edible and have good flavour and texture.

All sounds perfectly reasonable and "normal". Bought back some memories. My first ship had a wheelhouse (we had a porthole stb side), voice pipes and the engine order telegraph repeaters. No room to run around though.

On long boring night watches, the game played by my betters (i was a terrified freshly minted Seaman QMG) was to see if you could do a complete 360 without the OOW noticing.

On another occasion;
OOW: Helmsman, what are you doing 10 degrees off course?!
Helmsman: Coming back from 30 sir!

Nothing worse than a boring guts or morning watch, staring at that damn strip repeater and the killick smoking. o_O:eek:

P.S. No, i wasn't allowed to open the window!
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Few might as well be none. Our venomous snake verities outnumber the spiders. It's just that our spiders come looking for you.

No idea who Terry Pratchett is. Just Googled him. I'm much funnier.

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