Arrseonia - Invasion Plans

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ticklishrodent, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. ticklishrodent

    ticklishrodent RIP RIP

    How about this bunch of sad muppets?

    Aryan Dominion
    World Factbook Entry: Its like the League of Despotic Nations...only EVIL!

    :x :x :x :x :x
  2. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    Yeah, I like the idea of ram-raiding a group of self-styled 'mad' types. Any suggestions for when we should launch?? I reckon we should launch on Sunday morning when the US are all in bed asleep - catch them (literally) napping? :D
  3. abacus

    abacus LE

    Or any time on the 4th - apparently they all get up to something else then!

    Darth, check your pm - password required.
  4. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    I just received this:

    Closer examination of these 'Funny Guys' reveals this....

    Have we just found a good first target for a dry run? One of their comments in their 'forum' is:

    Sure mate.....sure...... :D
  5. Must be FineX or Yannie.
  6. ticklishrodent

    ticklishrodent RIP RIP

    DD send Snail in first as the minister for bad spelling she would have a field day
  7. abacus

    abacus LE

    Hah, they invited me twice. Must be because my GDP per Capita is so high.

    But lets invade them because I want MORE!
  8. FineX

    FineX Old-Salt

    not me im still in arrseonia and im not a feckin oxegen thif
  9. I've still not had a dodgy approach from anyone... :cry:

    Excellent first target D_D: let's do it! :twisted:
  10. edited cause i can't read or spell!!
  11. You ain't kidding there oh Mickey Mouser!!!!!
  12. abacus

    abacus LE

    Got an invite from

    Dark Side of the Force factbook says:

    We are a region for anyone that has ever felt unwanted, treated bad, or just needs a home. We could make it feel just like old times for them :twisted:
  13. jest265

    jest265 LE

    I'm probably being really thick here but how do we invade?
  14. Lairdx

    Lairdx LE

    Sunday morning sounds good. any of the above targets.
  15. ticklishrodent

    ticklishrodent RIP RIP

    Dale leave my ethnic origins out of it or you will find your motor on bricks