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There's some good flag designs going on - keep it up!


I've just got far to much time on my hands


Get some......... :D
For those who can't be arrsed to find out for themselves:

You can create an image on your computer and upload it as your nation's flag.

Your flag must be:

1. In JPEG (.jpg) format
2. About 107x71 pixels in size
3. No larger than 10KB
4. Appropriate. This means conforming to site etiquette and being suitably flag-like. Images likely to cause widespread offense (e.g. nudity, swastikas) are prohibited, and your nation may be deleted if you post them.

Apparently more nations get deleted for wildly inappropriate flags than any other reason - good to see they've got their priorities straight.
Sluice_dweller said:
Done a flag, but how do i go about shrinking it to fit the required size, not very pc literate, so if anyone could help that would be great, Thanks S-D
Open it in paint, go to Image and Stretch/Skew. Change the size from there.

Not a computer expert myself either but, have managed to get by with the following:

Make a copy (in case it goes to rats)

Open it with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (which seems to be the default programme on my computer)

Click on Picture menu

Click on 'Compress Pictures'

Click on e-mail option (which tells you what size the original is, and what size the compressed version will be)

Should get you down to about 10KB or less

Save file

Hope that helps

The Lord Flasheart said:
Apparently it doesn't like certain historical German emblems for some reason!

So I knocked this one up instead;

No comment. Anything to tell us Flashy?
Dale, if you think the calf currently living inside BBC has anything to do with this c/s, you are muchos mistaken. Try inquiring at Twycross Zoo. I'm sure there is a paternally irate Silver back who feels he's been short changed by the sexual activities of the cake eater.
This is the rather nice flag of the Kingdom of Lairdxland. Lairdxland is a great place to be if you happen to be me.

sadly flash gayness is not tolerated in my country. Neither is cretinism. Fortunately I have arranged for you to have diplomatic immunity.

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