Arrseonia - Dodgy Approaches

I think I clicked the wrong buttons. I keep getting these:


I am from the International Communist Party and I have been searching for nations that we believe would be suited to our cause and that would be happy to settle in our region.

Our region is well established and very democratic. We have open debates, a website and a forum for our members. We value the opinions of all our members and work together at all times to find solutions.

I would like to invite you to join the International Communist Party. If you have any further questions, you may telegram myself or the founder Brobinstan.

Friendly Regards Comrades
I believe that other nations/regions watch the UN part of the site, waiting for newly joined Nations to appear on the rolling readout at the bottom of the page. They then send an unsolicited 'invitation' for you to join their wretched little band in some ghastly region.

Can I suggest we store all our approaches in here?
Running V slow Darth....

Re thread heading. I swear I read it as Doggy Approaches and finally though ARRSE had hit an all time low with a how to on beastiality.......

Ah well it'll happen one day no doubt :)

Beebs x
I wonder what constitutes 'the most fun region"?

STARS is a brand new region which is quickly growing into the most fun region in this game. We are especially looking for new players to join us to become the true leaders of the region and build the government.

Register and see if Stars is the life for you!

I hope you decide to join us!


TO MOVE TO STARS: Look to the left side of your screen and click on where it says THE WORLD. At the bottom of the world page, enter Stars in the box entitled Region. The Region of Stars will come up. Go to where it says "Like what you see? Move your nation to Stars today!" and click on it. Voila!

I would like to invite you to come and join us on Coconut Island, the paradise island located in the pacific. Its gentle breezes, beautiful sun, crystal blue seas and hot sands attract nations of all political leanings.

We are a founder region of the Alliance of Capitalists, Conservatives, and Economic Libertarians (ACCEL).

So if you are a capitalist, conservative or libertarian, come to Coconut Island.

By coming to Coconut Island your nation will be on a tropical island and you can join our tropical forum at

Coconut Island is a democratic and friendly region that is looking for new members and we believe you would make a good new member. Information on the region can be found on our forum and all nations are encouraged to join it and get involved.

In case you do not know how to move region;

Just click on my name, find Coconut Island under my civil rights listing and click on it.

Once there, just click move [YOUR NATION NAME] to Coconut Island

Do this and you are a part of the nations of Coconut Island. If you decide to join, please register on the regional forum. If you decide to join the UN please endorse the elected UN delegate.

Kind Regards,

The Kingdom of Wegason
Welcome to NationStates, Esteemed Leader of Hillard,

On behalf of "The YoungWorld" I would like to invite you to join our region, one of the funnest regions in the game. We have the most active and advanced regional forum in NationStates, open to all players, with a bank, stock exchange, shops, a free arcade, great role-playing groups and much more at:

Please register and say hi in our Courtyard. You will be welcomed with friendly smiles and open arms. In our region there is great opportunity for you to contribute if you are active. You can join our Senate and Army, and be part of a growing community. If you are still curious about what you get out of it, then you should check it out and see for yourself what we have to offer.

I hope to welcome you very soon as a new member, and thank you for reading this message. If you don't know how to move to our region, I will guide you.

~Queen Cassandrah

If I sent a reply to Queenie asking "do you take it up sh!tter?" do you think I'll get in the sh!t? (pun intended)
"Welcome to the game!

I’m Uina, one of the leading members of The Utopia of the World and the most influential of The Utopia Military Academy. The Utopia of the World is what we call a “Region Raider” region where we raid other regions and force nations out due to our vast numbers and/or blackmail. Our centralized government lies in The Utopia of the World region itself, but we have begun the military academy for those warriors interested in being the central military branch of that government. If there is a specific warrior that stands out the most, they will eventually gain rank and ultimately land themselves a job in The Utopia of the World to make decisions as for who to raid, who not to raid, laws, etc. If you're interested in becoming a Raider, follow these directions:

1. Go to your region's home page.
2. Click where it says "Move To A New Region." It should be in red.
3. Click your cursor in the box that says "Find Region" and type in "The Utopia Military Academy" and click enter.
4. Find the red text that reads "Move (your nation) To The Utopia Military Academy Today."

Thank you for considering The Utopia Military Academy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via telegram. We’re building the ranks from scratch and you’re the only one that can help us rise above all the others.

Uina "
blessed baby cakes said:
Running V slow Darth....

Re thread heading. I swear I read it as Doggy Approaches and finally though ARRSE had hit an all time low with a how to on beastiality.......

Ah well it'll happen one day no doubt :)

Beebs x
I would imagine that a suitably titled thread on the Officers Board would soon bring a wealth of canine seduction techniques to the fore...I find that Windsor will even let me give him his ear drops if I let him play with the big rubber bone.... :roll:
I got this within seconds of starting the game:

The Reaganistic Nation of Leg-ends
Received: 1 day ago Greetings,

You got this shameless recruitment telegram for one reason only; I saw you are a fiscally conservative nation. I ask you to take about 30 seconds to read this, because this may be the one telegram that changes your NS experience for the better.

Galts Gulch is a region of capitalists, conservatives, libertarians, and other fiscally conservative nations. We have tons to offer you and all we ask is for you to make the choice to reside here with us.

Galts Gulch has one of the nicest forums in NationStates, one of the most powerful armies in the world, a top notch espionage group comically named GIMP, the Gulch Information Monitoring Project, a squad of dedicated recruiters, an efficient judicial system, and a hard working Assembly which ensures the efficiency of our region.

I believe that you would like it here in Galts Gulch where there will be other like-minded nations to talk to, instead of living in the conglomerate of inactive and uninteresting nations that live in the Pacifics (not to mention the horde of socialists).

If you want to be a part of the growing power that is Galts Gulch we would love to have you come take up residency here and be apart of one of our many great regional organizations, or just come to hang out and talk.

I got two invites in the first five minutes!

You are receiving this telegram because we at Cuba think your nation is progressive, which is what we are looking for.

Cuba is a region dedicated to peace, direct democracy and democratic socialism. We open our arms and welcome those nations who embrace these principles. Cuba has an emerging government (The Regional Assembly of People's Power) and a written constitution which gives nations within Cuba an opportunity to voice their opinion and participate in the running of the region.

The Cuban region has forged strong external links with other progressive regions within NationStates, and is a member of the Red Liberty Alliance, an organisation that defends and champions the freedoms and rights of progressive regions.

The nations within Cuba form a friendly and social community. A dedicated regional forum messageboard provides a place where our members are free to meet up and discuss issues relating to the region, exchange ideas or points of view, or just hang out and chat about anything they like!

If you have questions regarding Cuba , feel free to telegram myself. Think about moving to Cuba, then make it a reality today! We look forward to welcoming you into our region.


Hello Scaryspicedom,
First let me welcome you to NS, I hope you enjoy the experience.
Second, I am a representative from the region Futaba Aoi, and would like you to come by and see what our region has to offer you. You can visit this region by typing the name into the region area after clicking "THE WORLD" link on your sidebar.
If you like the area and would wish to move there you can do so while there by clicking, near the top of the region screen the area right after: "Like what you see?"
Regardless, enjoy the experience of being here and may your nation find prosperity and peace!
Roger Steenia
Steenia Foreign Affairs Ministry Council
Foreign Affairs Minister, First Class

As my back ward little country is "remarkable for its complete absence of social welfare" I think they might have got the wrong end of the stick.

I seem to have clicked a wrong button somewhere thought because I spend practically nil on defence which was not the intent. i think I'm heading for "totalitarian police state" :oops:
The Nomadic Peoples of GRA Recruiters


The Global Right Alliance is looking for active nations to help our region grow and prosper. We are a democratic region that stands for Freedom, Conservatism and Capitalism. We do not tolerate communism, fascism, or other extremist ideologies.

We are a growing region, and those who join us now will have the chance to play an active role in shaping and developing our region.

If you are ready to move now or would like more information on the Global Right Alliance, please feel free to telegram me!

We look forward to your help in the establishment of a powerful base for the Right! Hope to see you soon!

The Hallowed Vasties of Entracounty

Greetings Flashzonia, I noticed that your nation is located in the vast expanse of The East Pacific and wondered if you would like to join a smaller, more communal region. By joining The Corruption, not only could you get a say in regional government, but you'll get to meet great people who are always willing to either help you with Nationstates or just chat about anything. We accept all political stances and all are free to do as they please. As long as you stay an active part of the community, anything goes. So come on, join The Corruption in it's quest for fun!

They both sound like Belgium. Dull as a dull thing.
"For a long time Nation States has been fraught with war. The invaders against the defenders. There are all the defender regions out there. But Defender Commandos is lead by a select few elite commandos. We go to regions in danger of attack and rescue them and get them back on their feet. If you doubt that we are good leaders well look at our records. I am a experienced spy general and soldier. Others were in command of different defender militaries, intelligence services, and diplomats. We will soon have our opening elections and we will need you. Please respond to this message and move to Defender Commandos and keep Nation States a nice safe just world.

F-Carthage II Former Head of military in Celtic Warrior and Celtic Warriors. Former Head of Celtic Warriors. Former assistant to head of intel. Former diplomat. Current founder and head of state in Defender Commandos.

P.S. Great Motto"

The "Defender Commandoes" (weren't they action man's arch enemies?) led by an "experienced spy general and soldier". I don't know about you but i'll certainly be sleeping peacefully tonight...
Pompeii, got exaclty the same from the Celtic Actionman botherers. Even including the 'P.S. Great Motto'. Patronising bogtrotters.
The Islamic Republic of Bosnia and Hezegovina
Received: 5 minutes ago Hi I am Commander in Chief aw the Region The Islamic Balkans I want to invite you to join aver Region and become a part aw a team. We have different position that you can be voted in or appointed by Commander in Chief I want to tank you for taking your time and riding this important telegram.

If you have question please ask and send me a telegram.

Bosnia and Hezegovina Commander in Chief

Hmmm... I think no!
Semmy said:
The Islamic Republic of Bosnia and Hezegovina
Received: 5 minutes ago Hi I am Commander in Chief aw the Region The Islamic Balkans I want to invite you to join aver Region and become a part aw a team. We have different position that you can be voted in or appointed by Commander in Chief I want to tank you for taking your time and riding this important telegram.

If you have question please ask and send me a telegram.

Bosnia and Hezegovina Commander in Chief

Hmmm... I think no!
That sounds a bit like that git who commanded the towelhead militias in Bihac...can you get an id for us?
Greetings Honorable Sir,

Are you interested in the more exciting and profitable aspects of this game, in terms of respect and power? If you are, join the World Unification Front today! Its a brand new region dedicated to uniting the NationStates World, and we need YOU! Since the region is being formed right now, the first to come are guaranteed to be integrated into the government as more regions and nations are added to our WUF Nation. If you're interested, simply move your nation to World Unification Front or write me back and I'll give you more details.

Sounds like a fucking Nigerian...
Greetings Mereferrets,
Congratulations on your effort to join the UN. I would like to invite you to join the region of Javer Rez where I am currently positioned. I know soon you will probably be getting invites from other regions and we respect any decision you make. Our region is an ever growing community that is looking to expand our numbers.
If you’re looking for supportive regions, it may interest you to know that Javer Rez has a regional defense organization that defends our Nations, our borders, and other regions that are unfairly attacked.
We have an ever growing population that is closely allied with two other regions and we work together as a team to become even stronger.
We have many friendly members that are very active and will help you with any concerns you may have.
Our active forum still has a few higher member positions if you were interested, but even if you didn't, you would still get a strong say in how our region is run.
If you are interested, feel free to ask any questions and/or check out the region itself.
If you do decide to join (as we hope you will) please follow these three steps:

1) Click on my nation to the left of this text to view my nation.
2) Where my location is shown, click on "Javer Rez" which will take you to our regional list of nations.
3) Near the top of the screen, click to "move (your nation) to Javer Rez"

Greetings Mereferrets,

Congratulations on our admittance/application for joining the UN. As I am sure you are aware, there are many regions that you could join during your time on Nation States but I will try to explain to you why you should join The Silver Marches. Below are just some of these reasons:-

• The Silver Marches is a relatively new nation meaning that by moving there you are becoming a valuable part of the regions development.
• You will be able to take part in free and open discussions (to an extent) in both forums and through telegrams.
• Help is available almost whenever you need it and most people will be glad to answer any questions/queries you may have.
• Most of all it’s an extremely fun place to be!!

If you decide to move here, you will be able to chat on the forum at:-

There is a friendly and kind atmosphere here where everyone is welcome to share their ideas, opinions and thoughts. Just click on my nation then The Silver Marches link and then finally click move to The Silver Marches to become part of this wonderful place.

If you have any further questions/queries please do not hesitate to telegram myself and I will try to answer as many as I can.


Greetings great leader of Mereferrets,

I have come to you representing the region of "The YoungWorld". If you are looking for a new region and new friends, we may just have what you need. We are looking for enterprising new nations who can help participate in making this region a great one. Here, your opinion and your thoughts matter to us.

We have very secure bank, a stable monetary system, a Casino, shops and a Stock exchange. We are active roleplayers and we even have weapon shops. We hold regularily elections, and the elected delegate can divide government positions.

If you are interested in joining, but you don't know how, just follow these easy steps:

When you receive this TG, you see my name on the left of it. Click on my name and the next screen is my nation. Below my nation's description you see the name of my Region: The YoungWorld. Click on that name, and you see my wonderful region. Below the Factbook you read: Like what you see, travel to The YoungWorld today? Click on it and the wonders of my beautiful democratic region will unfold. You are in.

Feel free to say hi in the Civil HQ and sign up for the off-site forums. I can assure that you will be welcomed with wide arms and lots of smilies. Hopefully you will consider our offer. My apologies if you are not interested, enjoy your stay in

Regional Forums:

~The Blue NS plague of Hardcore Smurfs
The Holy Republic of Manishmah
Received: 48 minutes ago Greetings and salutations from the creator of the dark side of the force region. I have wired you a telegram to extend an invitation to this thrivingly populated place of discussion of the dark side and any other topic. Feel free to check out the region first before you join. I doubt that you will not be pleased with our excellence here. So think it over and join to learn the unnatural powers of the dark side! If you are on the boarder of whether you should join, let me know your thoughts and maybe I can persuade you to do so.
(Exit Music)
I have this lot in the last hour, just joined look away for a moment and every fecker tries to snaffle you away.

Can someone please PM me the password I'm starting to get a little scared now. 8O

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