Arrseonia.......A Resurrection?

Just joined Arrseonia on Nationstates, any chance of attacking someone anytime soon, seeing as this place has been quiet for a while.

I sent a message to abacus asking for some guidance, no reply as of yet.

You'll have to bring me up to speed ont his attacking lark, havnt quite worked it out yet.
Rab, check your PMs.
Can someone give me the p/w for arrseonia? I am the armed republic of pussers (marines and booties was already taken!).
OK, I am now UN Delegate for 00000000000000, come and endorse me!
Dale the snail said:
OK, I am now UN Delegate for 00000000000000, come and endorse me!
is that a euphamism for something?
Sluice_dweller said:
well thats me back in the game! must be mad -it took over my life last time!

No shock there then! They must be wondering by now where all these new people are coming from. Sluice, don't forget to join UN and endorse me.

Lady Dale!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am the leader of the Northern Rimmers.

I've been a member of NationStates for a while but have never attacked another country, what's the process?
The Jingoistic States of Apage Satanas has just been formed, could someone send me a password and working instructions (brief as possible) so I can get a grip of my proles..
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