Arrseonia - A Brave New World

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Proximo, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. This is nearly as addicitive as ARRSE.

    Click here for a taster.

    Don't worry - it's not going to get you in bother - and it may not appeal to all except the most devoted political animal.

    I will keep an eye on this fledgling country on behalf of ARRSE...

    Enjoy! :D
  2. see what you mean DD just started my own wee country. HAIL lord Finex
  3. Who the hell has set up 'The Dominion of Tayforth'?? :D
  4. that would be me im bord at work
  5. Who chose the Abo flag? :?
  6. I've a country on Nation States: it has evolved into a "Corporate Bordello" because I disagree with the author's namby-pamby bed-wettingly statist views. It should be called "Libertarian Utopia" but oh well.

  7. V - the chap says that he hasn't allowed his own views to be reflected in the game, and a casual glance through the UN listings certainly support that. The number of (frankly) alarmingly extremist nations at the top of the board is disturbing.

    It seems the way to get to the top is to be as hardline as possible - and get your name in lights!

    Civil liberties? What the feck are they - all aboard for benevolent dictatorships!! :D
  8. I've just made a new region called 'Arrsonia'.

    It is password locked to prevent non-ARRSErs from joining. PM me for it.
  9. Arrsonia now has it's own flag...
  10. Folks - you can't direct link to another Nation/Region unless you are already logged in to Nationstates - can I ask that you put the name of the nation/region you wish us to see in your post...

    Ant - re-send? I assume the place is called 'Mikeswill'??

    Ant - hold off - I suggest we form an ARRSE alliance for the moment until such time as we are ready to strike...

    All - do a search for 'Arrsonia' and I will send you the password. :D
  11. Is a No 4 tie part of the national dress?