Arrsemeet Prague 2009

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by scrofula, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Dunno if this is the right place to post this, if not, thanks in advance to MODs for finding the correct slot.

    As I live in The City of A Thousand Bars, er, Spires, it crossed my mind that it might be a good venue for some arrsers to get together for a bit of a social. The embryonic idea goes like this: I don't mind organising the accom, social prog etc. I'd be looking at minimum ten interested people to get the show going, no upper limit. Itinerary something like this -

    Either last week May or first week June to avoid the main tourist invasion.

    Arrive Thursday, picked up at airport and taken to accom. Thursday evening, evening meal and beers at traditional Czech restaurant.

    Friday, sightseeing round centre. Barbeque lunch at Visehrad, boat trip down Vltava on floating bar, Friday evening organised pubcrawl of best bars where tourists never go or do your own thing.

    Saturday morning, free time, shopping, hangover cures, whatever. Saturday afternoon footie match or relax on Prague beach ( you think I'm joking???!!!). Sat evening (optional) rock concert, dependent on what's available, nightclub attack.

    Sunday RTU.

    Estimated costing. You sort your flight. Accom at university hall plus cost of either footie ticket or concert ticket, around 150 quid. If you want better accom, can be arranged, of course at additional. Guideline on spending spondos...20 quid a day would see you modestly right.

    Anyone interested pm me....loads of time to get the ball rolling. Prague is a great place and I have a feeling if we can get this one up and running it'll be a great weekend !
  2. With the amount of interested people you're going to get, you could hold the social in a telephone box. Unless, of course the interested party is an arrse maiden, whereby you'll have to change the venue to a footie stadium..........with the turnstiles removed.
  3. That, m'dear 5 , is an entirely different thing. Prague is the totty capital of the known universe, yet another reason why it would be a perfect venue for arrsers!
  4. can flash come?
  5. Best ask his doctor. But seriously, everyone welcome!
  6. Prague Beach? Is that what they're calling Sarka Park these days?
  7. I'll be in the 'Stan by then fellas. Wn't be able to make it unfortunately.
  8. They've done up a stretch of riverside, way down past Visehrad, sand, beach hut type sitting, ah if and when the sun comes out, it's pretty good!
  9. There's one of those in Warsaw also, calling itself a 'Nudist beach' so I roll up, de-bag, hoping for a little MILF action and find the place full of bandits 8O
    There was a couple of old blokes in front of me giving each other a hand job and rustling and thrusting noises coming from the bushes.
    I quickly dressed and ran off not looking back.

    Back on track, this Praguemeet needs a little spicing up.
    This is a good site to prepare your trip to Poland. Maybe a Czech version?,1,1,5,szukaj.html?p2=m&pl=k&wi=4&kr=pol&wo%5B%5D=&fo=1

    A friend of mine came over to Krakow for a week and stayed for 6 months because of this site. He ended up having to ban himself from vast swathes of the city to avoid bumping into ex-flings.
    Take it from me, a little preliminary work can pay large dividends :wink:
  10. Central Polish Beach Action........,The Horror, The Horror!!!!!!! ( sad to say, seen it. The beach, not the handjob, you smeggyminded perv!)
  11. I know the James Joyce pub closed long ago but I think the guy that ran it (he was a Dubliner) opened another one. I was beaten to a mushy pulp by 5 Shinners for wearing a poppy in there some years ago, while the canny old landlord looked on.

    If you know him, please give the cnut some good news with my warmest regards.
  12. I have a faint idea about the landlord you might mean. If it's any consolation, if it's the same one, dead now. Cardiac.
  13. Christ on a bike that was the quickest hit in history! Cheers scrof, good effort!
  14. ( Blows fingernails and looks askance) All part of the service!
  15. Will your service stretch to tour guide next week, lol! PM on it's way to you :D