Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by R14D, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. HMM... looks like most of the bone uninformed tripe comes from you Spaz.. how appropriate a monicker is that for you... ;)
  2. :rofl:

  3. Not the first time that has been mentioned.

    I think he lacks the respect of his peers and likes to try to impress the TA types. He is probably the sort of bloke that has been in for 15 years and wonders why he is still a fullscrew.
  4. You're quite right you do speak a lot of cock, cretin.

    BB: I don't think he would command respect from a Liebour peer never mind anyone here.
  5. I can use the quotes though eh?
  6. Still gets the message across to you though.
  7. Yawn... bore of BB don't you have some WHTs to do? Someone somewhere appreciates you.
  8. The message I got was that you're a fucking fool. Is that the one?
  9. So.. that would be you whining how noone appreciates you would it?
  10. Not me champ.
  11. What was?

    I'm loving the way you're still fucking crying over that mail thread you big gay bear. It's not my fault your tin of Brasso purchased in 1992 hasn't had the seal cracked yet.