make it 107 by putting me on your ignore list you dull cunt.
I only have one
but the strange thing is,every time she posts I click on the 'view post' out of curiosity,..sort of defeats the pupose I suppose?
I put people on ignore because they're dicks and I don't need to see their verbal diarrhoea. It saves me loads of time when reading threads.
Well, just stick me on it, you self righteous, boring Fat Hat Wanker!!!!

The biggest Dick on this thread can be seen, by looking into the nearest mirror!

I`m not sure what a grudge bumming is, but if the recepticle is of the female gender I will try anything once
I think you may protest too much.

If bumming gets mentioned don't imiediately issue a denial out of the blue, it looks suspiscious old chap.

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